AQUATANK for above ground stationary use is made with a new unique, nestable design by rotational moulding
All over Eastern and Central Africa, there are two rainy seasons with well dispersed rain. Every home or institution has a roof and it can be used to harvest rainwater. Thatched roof should, however, be covered by a polythene or GI sheet to avoid discolouration of water.

AST Drip Fergitation


Bio Digesters

  • No pit required. The only sensible option in:-
  • Mobile – can be re-located.
  • Installed above ground in about 2 hours by local contractor trained by us – Ease of After Sales Service.
  • Compact, highly efficient, Anaerobic System – temperature remains more stable.
  • BlueFlame BioSlurriGaz an above ground installation, anaerobic bioslurry and biogas system, based on “the Floating Drum Principle”. It is comprised of two vessels made of polyethylene the Digester and the Gasholder (“the Floating Drum”).
  • Problematic soils – sandy, collapsing, clay black cotton and rocky soils.
  • Areas with high water table or prone to flooding.
  • Remote areas where materials to build and skills are unavailable.
  • Biogas generation and quantity available can be observed from the gasholder’s movements.
  • Adequate security on its own for Banks, MFIs, FSA, Village Banks, and Saccos to provide loans for its purchase to Qualifying Buyers.
  • Secondary market is created by the Company to resell it and help lenders recover such loans.
  • Moulded as One-piece mouldings – no joints and no leaks – of UV stabilized polyethylene with expected lifespan of 30 years.
  • Hardly any maintenance when operated in accordance with its Manual.
  • Polyethylene being an inert material, corrosive substances in it do not degrade it.

Cattle Trough


Cylindrical & Rectangle – Kentank

  • Has more than 30 years’ expected lifespan through effective stabilization of polyethylene against the harmful effect of sunlight. This is achieved by incorporating >2.3% carbon black into polyethylene by melt compounding process and use of a suitable carbon black master batch.
  • Made of food grade polyethylene approved by Food and Drugs Administration of USA, safe for storage of water, rust-free and inert with no impact on the taste of water.
  • Maintenance-free, inexpensive and easy to install – on a base made from brick, stone or block walling filled with soil and sieved sand.
  • Very strong due to its unique corrugated design.
  • One-piece moulding with no joints and, therefore, leak-proof.
  • Outdoor & Indoor Water storage.
  • Food grade chemical storage.
  • Water harvesting.
  • Water treatment plants.
  • Agriculture.
  • Domestic & Commercial uses.
  • Rainwater Harvesting.

Cylindrical/Dome Top Tanks – Bunkatank

  • BUNKATANK is made with food grade polyethylene and based on a very successful South African design in use for more than 20 years.
  • The product is molded in one piece.
  • Its unique dome shaped design provides excellent strength. Its flat base makes installation quick, simple, unique, highly efficient and compact anaerobic organic slurry and gas system called BlueFlame BioSlurriGaz based on “the Floating Drum Principle”. It is comprised of two vessels made of polyethylene the Digester and the Gasholder (“the Floating Drum”).

Underground water storage an ideal solution for areas with low water pressure.



In up to 40% of the land mass in Eastern Africa, pit toilets are not feasible due to loose soil and high water tables being more vulnerable to contamination. Densely populated areas are also at risk of pit latrines. Our Eko-loo brand toilet block is the full ecological solution with no pit use. Sitting above ground, the EkoLoo diverts sterile urine, which is then mixed with gray household water and used as a liquid fertilizer to a vegetable garden or soak pit. Faeces, when collected separately, dries out to a quarter of its original volume and can be incinerated to dispose. Alternately, the faeces are collected and dried out for a longer period(when microbes and other and can be added to soil as fertilizer.

EKO-LOO consists of a complete hut and slab and is based on “the Don’t Mix” – the urine diversion principle. Urine (90% of excreta) and faeces (only 10% of excreta) are kept separate at source and disposed of differently. EKO-LOO comprises a hut with a squatting slab, or a slab with pedestal, with urine cavity for urine diversion and faeces drop hole. A container is placed under the faeces drop hole to collect faeces. A small length of flexible pipe is connected to urine cavity at one end and to any container (placed outside of EKO-LOO) at the other end to collect urine. A wall of bricks, stones or blocks is built of required height.



Fish Tubs


Grain Storage With GrainSilo – Food Security

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