Above Ground



AQUATANK for above ground stationary use is made with a new unique, nestable design by rotational moulding
All over Eastern and Central Africa, there are two rainy seasons with well dispersed rain. Every home or institution has a roof and it can be used to harvest rainwater. Thatched roof should, however, be covered by a polythene or GI sheet to avoid discolouration of water.

Cylindrical & Rectangle – Kentank

  • Has more than 30 years’ expected lifespan through effective stabilization of polyethylene against the harmful effect of sunlight. This is achieved by incorporating >2.3% carbon black into polyethylene by melt compounding process and use of a suitable carbon black master batch.
  • Made of food grade polyethylene approved by Food and Drugs Administration of USA, safe for storage of water, rust-free and inert with no impact on the taste of water.
  • Maintenance-free, inexpensive and easy to install – on a base made from brick, stone or block walling filled with soil and sieved sand.
  • Very strong due to its unique corrugated design.
  • One-piece moulding with no joints and, therefore, leak-proof.
  • Outdoor & Indoor Water storage.
  • Food grade chemical storage.
  • Water harvesting.
  • Water treatment plants.
  • Agriculture.
  • Domestic & Commercial uses.
  • Rainwater Harvesting.

Loft tank


Nest Tank

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