In up to 40% of the land mass in Eastern Africa, pit toilets are not feasible due to loose soil and high water tables being more vulnerable to contamination. Densely populated areas are also at risk of pit latrines. Our Eko-loo brand toilet block is the full ecological solution with no pit use. Sitting above ground, the EkoLoo diverts sterile urine, which is then mixed with gray household water and used as a liquid fertilizer to a vegetable garden or soak pit. Faeces, when collected separately, dries out to a quarter of its original volume and can be incinerated to dispose. Alternately, the faeces are collected and dried out for a longer period(when microbes and other and can be added to soil as fertilizer.

EKO-LOO consists of a complete hut and slab and is based on “the Don’t Mix” – the urine diversion principle. Urine (90% of excreta) and faeces (only 10% of excreta) are kept separate at source and disposed of differently. EKO-LOO comprises a hut with a squatting slab, or a slab with pedestal, with urine cavity for urine diversion and faeces drop hole. A container is placed under the faeces drop hole to collect faeces. A small length of flexible pipe is connected to urine cavity at one end and to any container (placed outside of EKO-LOO) at the other end to collect urine. A wall of bricks, stones or blocks is built of required height.



Mobilet:”The People’s Toilet”


MOBILET is the most convenient and least expensive long term sanitation solution wherever pit toilets are suitable.

It comprises of two major parts, a slab and a hut.

Key benefits for all users are:-

  • A simple “do-it-yourself” solution designed for quick and easy installation directly over a pit by one-self.However, a little masonary work may be required in most areas.
  • Re-usability – move both hut and slab from an old full pit to a new pit – hence the name MOBILET!
  • Modular, several MOBILET stances can be installed together rapidly for schools and other institutions .
  • Also available – MOBILET-UR urinal for males, MOBILET-WR washroom for females and MOBILET-HC for the handicapped pupils and the elderly.
  • Lightweight and well ventilated for the hottest conditions.
  • Rotationally moulded using polyethylene stabilised against the harmful effects of sunlight to give an expected lifespan of 20 years.
  • Squatting Slab and the Slab with Pedestal – can be purchased separately.

Our unique patented slab toilet is our most popular and affordable product. Available in single or multi-stands, Mobilet toilets fold flat for easy transport and can be installed using a few simple tools. It can also be used with a keyhole design slab over a pit, or as a urine diversion system. Once the pit is full, the toilet can be moved to a new site and the old pit filled, removing a serious safety risk. The Mobilet is best suited for institutional use, like schools, clinics or hospitals, or in refugee and IDP camps.





Sato Pan


Septic Tanks – Septank

  • State of the Art Septic Tank – made with food grade polyethylene and based on a very successful South African design in use for more than 20 years.
  • SEPTANK is moulded in one piece. Its unique dome shaped design provides excellent strength.
  • Its flat base makes installation quick and simple.
  • Sanitary waste disposal.

Plastic septic tanks are the most cost effective way to safely dispose of septic waste. Unlike concrete septic tanks, horizontal plastic septic tanks do not allow plant roots to penetrate through the tank wall and they do not crack or allow seepage into the surrounding environment.

Wonder Loo


Our WonderLoo is a self-supporting toilet Pedestal (seat) an ideal long-term, affordable, and sustainable toilet system for every household. This ecological sanitation system is based on the “Don’t Mix” principle, with a pedestal toilet which separates, diverts and disposes of urine and faeces. Our WonderLoo is easy to install and is ideal for use inside the house, providing privacy, dignity and safe waste management.

Wonderloo is ideal for use by the elderly, physically challenged, expectant ladies, children and the sick.

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