Bio Digesters

  • No pit required. The only sensible option in:-
  • Mobile – can be re-located.
  • Installed above ground in about 2 hours by local contractor trained by us – Ease of After Sales Service.
  • Compact, highly efficient, Anaerobic System – temperature remains more stable.
  • BlueFlame BioSlurriGaz an above ground installation, anaerobic bioslurry and biogas system, based on “the Floating Drum Principle”. It is comprised of two vessels made of polyethylene the Digester and the Gasholder (“the Floating Drum”).
  • Problematic soils – sandy, collapsing, clay black cotton and rocky soils.
  • Areas with high water table or prone to flooding.
  • Remote areas where materials to build and skills are unavailable.
  • Biogas generation and quantity available can be observed from the gasholder’s movements.
  • Adequate security on its own for Banks, MFIs, FSA, Village Banks, and Saccos to provide loans for its purchase to Qualifying Buyers.
  • Secondary market is created by the Company to resell it and help lenders recover such loans.
  • Moulded as One-piece mouldings – no joints and no leaks – of UV stabilized polyethylene with expected lifespan of 30 years.
  • Hardly any maintenance when operated in accordance with its Manual.
  • Polyethylene being an inert material, corrosive substances in it do not degrade it.
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