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Some of our projects are covered in this section. We hope it gives you an idea of the work we do and the product applications across different sectors.

Water Above Ground

December 14, 2015

Ndandini Water Projects

The company’s product range goes beyond just water storage tanks and extends into school furniture, transport pallets, material handling products & road barriers among many others.

Our patented well liner, Permawell, is used to line hand-dug shallow wells of one meter diameter and depths of up to ten meters. Traditionally, rural communities have relied on hand-dug shallow wells for their water needs. Materials used to line these wells rust and erode in a short time, leading to water contamination and well collapse.

In addition, concrete wells can take up to forty weeks to construct, using materials that are difficult to source and requiring a skilled mason.

Our Permawell solution came about through a request by a major UN agency working in South Sudan to develop a specialized well that will withstand loose soils and is easy to construct. Permawell resolves these issues with a simple construction of two semi-circular wells which are bolted together to make an open cylinder.

A Permawell can be installed in a few days by unskilled labor and is long-lasting, sturdy and safe.

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